The Nutritious, Delicious Egg

May is national egg month. In the spirit of national egg month, would like to answer some frequently asked questions about eggs, provide a nutritional analysis of eggs and offer some egg trivia. Finally, we have included a delicious baked egg recipe.


A medium egg has 78 calories. Eggs have significant protein, vitamin and mineral content and low saturated fat content. Eggs are a valuable component of a healthy diet.The protein from eggs is known as “complete” protein because it contains all of the essential amino acids needed by the human body. Eggs contain most of the recognized vitamins, except vitamin C. They are a good source of all the B vitamins and also contain significant amounts of vitamin D and vitamin E. Eggs are also an excellent source of zinc, selenium, calcium and iron. Eggs also contain lecithin which aids in lipid transportation within the blood and the metabolism of cholesterol.

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